There was a low rumbling from deep in the belly of the Pepsi Coliseum on that October night. The excitement of the filled the air as fans got ready for a new era of hockey in Indianapolis when onto the ice came a beast so big, so blue, so...furry?

Come see everyone's favorite mascot, Big E. Foot, at every Indiana Ice game!  Biggie, to his friends, is an exciting and lovable creature seen strolling around at every Indiana Ice home game!  He has been a part of the team since joining the USHL in 2004 and has become a fan favorite among mascots all over town.  Biggie can also be see travelling around to local schools and organizations to help spread some cheer and knowledge about the Indiana Ice to the Central Indiana area.  If you see him walking around, feel free to give him a Biggie-sized high five or a hug.

Fans can also click here to find out how you can get Biggie to an event at your school, group function or workplace.

Name: Big E. Foot
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Birthday October 9th, 2004
Nickname: Sasquatch (Yeti is offensive)
Favorite Food: Ace the Bobcat, Bernie the St. Bernard (I eat Mascots like you for breakfast!)
Favorite Movie: Slapshot, Miracle, Mystery, Alaska, The Mighty Ducks and the Notebook (Don't judge me!)
Favorite Actor: Robin Williams (The world's second-funniest furball)
Favorite Hockey Team: Really??? You had to ask?
Favorite Hockey Player: Anyone who has ever worn an Ice sweater
Best Mascot Played Against: Hubert the Lion (He's always losing his head, though!)
Favorite Non-Hockey Sport: Butler University Basketball, Indiana Pacers Basketball, Indianapolis Indians Baseball
Favorite Non-Hockey Player: Me (Leading Scorer in the Butler University Mascot Game!)
Favorite Vacation Spot: North Pole, Mt. Everest, The Bahamas (Trust me, there's a tan under the fur.)
Favorite Restaurant: Don Pablo's, White Castle
Past Jobs: Snowball Manufacturer
Interests and Hobbies: Winning...DUH!!!  I also enjoy knitting.
Siblings: Two-Loch Ness Monster, Abominal Snowman
Most Proud of: 2009 Clark Cup Championship
Most Famous Person Met: John Carlson, Fat Joe, Torey Krug
Favorite Drink: ICE water
Favorite Childhood Trip: My first hockey game
Favorite Dessert: Sno-Cones (All flavors but lemon)
Favorite Quote:
"Gggggrrrrrr rrrrraaaahhh rrrrrrgghhhhhnn"
-Chewbacca (The Empire Strikes Back)