Billet Families

Want to go beyond the action in the rink and help the Indiana Ice continue to foster hockey in Indianapolis?  Apply today to become an Indiana Ice Billet Family. Billet families act as a "surrogate family" for many junior hockey players, providing all the benefits of home for the players as they work towards their dream of NHL stardom.

There are many benefits to billeting an Ice player, one of which being the satisfaction of helping a young athlete realize their dream of playing college and possibly professional hockey.  Many families still keep in contact with their billets long after they have advanced to the college and professional levels.

"Billeting had been a fun and rewarding experience for us and our grandsons that both play hockey!  I would recommend it to anyone that has the space in their home and that love children.  Watch out, however, they are eating machines!"
-Vicki Bass
Six-year billet veteran
Housed Michael Blundon, Brent Gwidt, Taylor Boldt, Tim Smith, Matt Krug and R.J. Boyd. 

If you are interested in learning more about billeting or would like to submit an application, click here to download the document or contact Bob and Carolyn McCutcheon for more information